Our Staff

Our staff is trauma-informed, which means we approach every interaction through a lens of safety, trustworthiness, peer support, collaboration, mutual respect, and an appreciation for cultural, historical, and gender issues.


Arij Abdul-Halim

Senior Director of Preventive Services

Danny Salim

Senior Director of Anti-Violence Program

Issha Bridges

Associate Director of Preventive Services

Ahmed Ali

MENar Program Manager and COMPASS High Site Director

Zakia Biefergaane

Senior Cultural Broker

Kunchok Chodak

Cultural Broker

Omar Ebid

Cultural Broker

Karin Stepanyan

Preventive Services Supervisor

Melissa Calixte

Preventive Services Supervisor

Nisreen Aljubouri

Preventive Services Supervisor

Sarah Clem

Preventive Services Supervisor

Shagufta Shah

Senior Preventive Services Supervisor

Labiba Adil

Senior Case Planner

Roselyn Bhowmik

Senior Case Planner

Zahed Rashid

Senior Case Planner

Khalid Dhobhany

Case Planner and Support Specialist

Ashok Karki

Case Planner

Atef Abuelenin

Case Planner

Gelu Sherpa

Case Planner

Halima Rafik

Case Planner

Masudur Mowla

Case Planner

Mohamed Sarour

Case Planner

Mosume Bahar

Case Planner

Noor Muhammad

Case Planner

Noor Sheikh

Case Planner

Noshad Azad

Case Planner

Rihab Balti

Case Planner

Sanjidha Akhthar

Case Planner

Shashi Ahmed

Case Planner

Tarik Tabbakh

Case Planner

Taslima Priti

Case Planner

Ahmad Saad

Case Aide

Clinton Cole

Case Aide

Donika Johnson

Case Aide

Donika Lumani

Case Aide

Nasrinara Begum

Case Aide

Siddika Degia

Case Aide


Hizam Wahib

Senior Director of Operations and Legal Services

Gigi Ady

Director of Community Health and Well-Being

Maha Attieh

Lead Health Program Navigator

Lama Khouri

Clinical Supervisor

Amina Ashraf

Youth Behavioral Specialist and Counselor

Sarah Alsaidi

Community Health and Well-Being Specialist

Farah Salam

Community Health and Well-Being Coordinator

Bana Alani

Health Program Navigator and Intake Associate

Navin Sarhan

SNAP and Intake Coordinator

Sahar Jaafar

Strengthening Families Facilitator

J.C. Salyer

Staff Attorney

Tania Chikhani

Marriage and Family Therapy Intern

Get Ready

Nidal Alloubane

Director of Readiness Initiatives

Emma Shah

Director of Capacity Building and Community Support

Paul McKenney

Readiness Initiatives Manager

Kathleen Ryan

ESL Instructor

Harriet Goldberg

ESL Instructor

Misbah Haq

Academic and Pathways Coach

Priyanka Menezes

Academic and Pathways Coach

Leen Shumman



Hannah McIntire

Chief Operating Officer

Stefanie Tocco Pilkington

Senior Director, Special Projects and Strategic Initiatives

LeAnn Tadros

Director of Quality Improvement

Kerry Sesil

Director of Development and Communications

Mohammad Barakat

Cross-Functional Support Specialist

Zahra Ali

Development and Communications Manager

Suzan Al Shammari

Government Relations Specialist

Maia Dillane

Database and Evaluation Coordinator

Cynthia Seay

Administrative Assistant and Intake Associate

Alejandra Ramirez

Facilities Team Member

Nemah Mohamed

Facilities Team Member