Join Us for a U.S. Citizenship Celebration & Community Center Grand Opening!

The Arab-American Family Support Center (AAFSC) cordially invites you to join us for the grand opening of our newest (13th!) community center on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. To mark the occasion, we invite you to join us for a U.S. Citizenship Celebration honoring the accomplishments of the 62 Adult Readiness program participants who passed their U.S. citizenship interview and exam in 2021.

An increased physical presence is more critical now than ever to address pressing unmet needs. While others shut their doors during the pandemic, AAFSC recognized that our services were more important than ever and we are expanding, as a result. Being physically embedded in the communities we serve enables AAFSC to distribute tangible resources like food and childcare supplies, provide a confidential space for survivors of domestic violence and mental health counseling clients, and foster community. In this way, we can continue to support the most vulnerable with a haven – a place to find food security, family support, and economic mobility in an accessible language and a culturally competent manner. We’re proud to announce our new center will also house an ‘Essentials Closet’, stocked with diapers, caregiver essentials, and food, which we will distribute following the ceremony. Join us as we celebrate the strength of our community and the launch of AAFSC’s new space! Please bring a mask to wear indoors.

Friday, March 25th 

11:00AM – 1:00PM 

384-386 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217