Meet Kunsang Lama’s Family

March 11, 2019

Kunsang and his family first came to AAFSC in 2017 seeking preventive services due to sensitive issues that required casework, including domestic violence and substance abuse. Seeking these services was not easy – Kunsang, his wife Asha, and their two kids are a Nepali family and to get the help they needed, they required culturally and linguistically competent case management services that helped them feel safe and understood the nuances of their culture.

AAFSC was there for Kunsang – his family was paired with a Nepali-speaking Case Planner that worked closely with them each step of the way. Together, they set goals for the family and created a roadmap to reaching them. AAFSC monitored the children’s school attendance, medical reports, and progress. Kunsang was provided referrals and completed services that helped him stay a competent parent.

Mr. Lama returned home after successfully completing all the recommended services for the family.

Kunchok Chodak, Case Planner

Thanks to AAFSC’s intervention, there has been no more reported incidents of domestic violence in the family and Kunsang has stopped substance abuse completely. Both parents are now gainfully employed, the children have achieved academic success, and the family is actively engaged in their local Nepali community. The case was open for over a year, but with patience, sensitivity, and hard work, AAFSC closed the case!