Meet Moheeb

November 7, 2018

Meet Moheeb, an eighth-grader who emigrated from Yemen when he was just in the third grade. Like many immigrant children, Moheeb found it very difficult acclimating to life in the U.S. Before he moved here, he was excited to start school each year. Once he arrived, he felt no motivation to get out of bed in the morning. Moheeb struggled to make friends and excel in his classwork due to the language and cultural barriers. He also experienced racism and xenophobia and was often treated poorly as an immigrant.


His mother was already a student in our Adult Education and Literacy classes so decided to enroll Moheeb in the Youth Program. With the help of our educators and staff, he finally found the support he needed. Moheeb comes to our center every day to get help with his homework and his English skills have greatly improved with consistent encouragement. Through AAFSC’s culturally competent curriculum and guidance, Moheeb has been doing better in school!

I was finally proud of myself. The Center didn’t give up on me. It took a while, but I was catching up. I also got to make some great friends!

Moheeb is doing exceedingly well in school now and is applying to high school this fall. Way to go, Moheeb!