Meet Saif

November 15, 2018

Meet Saif, an eighth-grader who has been a dedicated participant of AAFSC’s Youth Program for years and is now a member of our MENar Program. He tells us about his experience growing up in an environment where he witnessed bullying.

“For Black, Muslim, Arab, and Hispanic communities, it’s harder for us, especially for Muslims right now. In school, kids make fun of you just because of how you look, or what you wear, or how you talk, or what you believe in. I think bullying has gotten worse in the past year because of social media. If students from these communities had more opportunities to share their cultures, I think other kids would see that things aren’t the way the media says. I think kids would see we are actually the same as them. We believe different things, but inside we’re all the same.”

I’m grateful for everything the MENar Program did for me, and I’m grateful for AAFSC!

Saif says AAFSC supported him significantly when he had some concerns about bullying. The MENar program has given him a chance to explore his emotions and experiences, and learn ways to manage stress. He feels lucky to be a part of the group and to have such a strong support system.