The Al-Khafaji Family

November 8, 2018

Meet the Al-Khafajis, a family who recently moved to Brooklyn from Iraq. Leaving their home country and arriving in the United States represented a key step to finding safety for their children. However, they struggled getting on their feet because they were saddled with thousands of dollars in debt to the International Office of Migration, which offered initial assistance in paying for travel fares.

Al Khafaji Family

Thanks to our New Immigrants and Refugees Fund, the only program of its kind in the country, we were able to help the Al-Khafajis relieve some of their debt and help them start their lives with a clean slate. They have now secured an apartment and have big dreams to go back to school and be active members of their new community.

We were so relieved and happy to move to the U.S. and provide a fresh start for our children.