Meet Vlora

March 11, 2019

Due to a serious heart condition that requires multiple medications, affordable healthcare was the key to survival for Vlora. Without it, she would have to pay $600 out-of-pocket each month and for a low-income family, that was close to impossible.

Due to my heart condition, it’s important that I have health insurance.

Vlora came to New York City from Kosovo and like many immigrants to the United States, finding affordable insurance was a challenge. Navigating the healthcare system was difficult, and with all the insurance plans available, finding the right option for her family was confusing and intimidating.

When Vlora came to AAFSC in 2016, our culturally competent healthcare navigators were there to help. With patience and understanding, they explained the options available to Vlora simply and eventually helped her choose the right plan for her and her family.

“I am so happy for my healthcare navigator at AAFSC, Maha, who has helped my children and I receive health insurance and renew it each year. Since I come from a low-income family, the New York State of Health is a gift from God. Thank you to the healthcare navigators at AAFSC for helping me enroll in the right insurance plan to cover all my expenses!”